Saturday, August 16, 2014

Mermaid Skeletons, Mini Ouija Boards, and More

New Goodies!
Happy Saturday everyone! We have some really fun and extra unique goodies this week. First up, Mermaid Skeletons! That's right. It was bound to happen with a Mermaid swap preceding a Halloween Swap. I can't wait to play them! We also have Mini Ouija boards, which I'm so excited about. They look just like the real vintage versions, complete with wood game board and plastic planchette. I definitely recall having some spooky fun with these as a child. And yes, I will admit to moving the planchette on several occasions! All part of the fun!

2014 Gothic Tombstone ATC Swap!

I hope you'll join us for our NEW ART SWAP! We already have several players, but of course, the more the merrier!

Need some more inspiration? Check out the 2012 Tombstone Swap! And the 2013 Tombstone Swap!

Sherry Matthews already has her first Tombstone finished for the NEW ART SWAP! Isn't her background fantastic? I also love the way she used our Brass Tree and Mini Bats! Thanks for getting us off to a great start Sherry

Inspiration By Diana Darden!

Diana Darden created this fantastic Dress Form Doll! The Moon and Stars are a great touch and her use of Inka Gold in different colors is awesome! Gorgeeous Diana

Inspiration By Tracy Delisle!

And who doesn't love Frida! This lovely batty lady was created by Tracy Delisle! What a stunning tribute Tracy! The color combination is perfect!

Inspiration By Gerri Herbst!

This amazing Paris ATC Box is by Design Team Member Gerri Herbst. I adore the look of the StaZon Ink (I definitely need to try this!) and of course the lovely lady peering through the window. Fantastic piece Gerri!

Inspiration By Linda Cain!

I'm closing with an amazing Tombstone by Design Team Member Linda Cain from last year. This lovely Tombstone features a Tim Holtz Mini Skull Stamp, Bat Cut Outs, Halloween Word Paper Cuts, Spider Charms, and more. Great inspiration to get you in the mood for the  2014 Tombstone Art Swap. Join us! xoxo

Saturday, August 9, 2014

New Halloween Goodies + a New Art Swap!‏

New Goodies + a New Art Swap!

Happy Saturday everyone! Several of you have been asking, and it's here! Our next ART SWAP! I did a little poll on Facebook, and so, by request, the Tombstone Swap is BACK and of course with a new 2014 set. We have lots of new Halloween goodies in the shop too. My favorites are tied between the Mini Baroque Frames (swoon), the Candelabras (love!), and the Zombie Arms (FUN!).

2014 Gothic Tombstone ATC Swap!

I had a blast making my first set of Tombstones for the NEW ART SWAP! I'm sure I'll make a second set as well!
I used a ton (okay almost all) of the new goodies on my Tombstones. They all go together so fabulously, which of course was no accident.

Need some more inspiration? Check out the 2012 Tombstone Swap! And the 2013 Tombstone Swap!

Inspiration By Diana Darden!

Diana Darden created this fantastic Steampunk Light Bulb Ornament. How awesome is that lovely lady peering through! And those gorgeous crystals. I love it Diana

Inspiration By Lynn Stevens!

Design Team Member Lynn Stevens created this stunning Bird Cage Doll with a fabulous Fall flair!
 She also used our Santos Doll Head Paper Cuts, Garden Insect Cut Outs, Dove Cut Outs, Brass Crown, Red Metal Rose, and Angel Wing Cut Outs. She's beautiful Lynn!


Inspiration By Linda O'Connor!

Linda O'Connor has been creating even more Steampunk magic with our Stand Up Cameo Woman. This piece is not only gorgeous, but is also functional. She's also a box! You can find more awesome photos and descriptions on Linda's blog here.

Inspiration By Amy Nieman!

This beautiful and colorful journal page is by Design Team Member Amy Nieman. I love the way she used our Circus Cut Out and Flourish Stencil! And of course the sweet photo of her daughter is the best part. So lovely Amy!

Inspiration By Linda Cain!

This amazing Santos ATC Box is by Design Team Member Linda Cain! Aren't the color combinations absolutely fantastic? You can read more about this lovely piece and find more photos on Linda's blog HERE. Way to go Linda!

Halloween Inspiration By Lynn Stevens!

I'll leave you with this Spooktacular Haunted House Shrine by Lynn Stevens to get you in the mood for the Halloween Art Swap! xo

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Victorian Halloween Dolls, Mini Stencils, Stamps + More‏

New Goodies!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some fabulous new Halloween goodies in the shop! Of course I'm absolutely in love with our new Victorian Halloween Dolls. Inspired by several of our other dolls, these gals are wickedly stunning! We also have several sets of Mini Halloween Word Stencils, Stamps, and much more!

Inspiration By Diana Darden!

This fantastic Queen Bee by Diana Darden is the perfect inspiration for our new Halloween Dolls. I think she needs some witchy friends don't you? Fantastic doll Diana! Just bee-autiful!

This stunning Fairy Shrine is by Marie Z. Johansen. I'm loving her combination of colors and sentiments! You can read more about this wonderful piece and see more photos here on Marie's blog!

Inspiration By Gerri Herbst!

Design Team Member Gerri Herbst created these divine ATCs using our Layered ATC Frames and Collage Sheet DP286. The bits of lace on the bottom make me swoon. Love them Gerri!

Inspiration By Linda O'Connor!

Linda O'Connor has been creating Steampunk magic with our Steampunk Santos Dolls. Just look at those light bulbs on the base! Amazing! You can find more awesome photos and descriptions on Linda's blog here.

Inspiration By Vickie Kammerer and a Congrats!

A HUGE congrats to Vickie Kammerer! Her hauntingly beautiful Halloween ornaments have been published in the Fall print issue of Crafts Ideas Magazine (formerly Crafts n' Things)! On the stands now! Her faux metal techniques are fabulous! She used our Fairy Bloom Ornaments and our Halloween Bottle Cap Collage Sheet. And of course her incredible skills! It's a great article so be sure to pick up the magazine! Congrats Vickie!


Halloween Inspiration By Linda Cain!

And last but never least, here are a few of my favorite Halloween projects created by Design Team Member Linda Cain!
She used tons of goodies on each, almost all of which you can find in the Halloween Section. Everything in the Halloween section is currently on sale too, so hop on over and get your Halloween on!

Halloween ATC Box and More!

Thanks Linda! Now I'm definitely in the Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos mood! We have over 700 (wow!) goodies to pick from, so you can't go wrong!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Goodies!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some really great new goodies in the shop! Victorian Halloween Cameo Ornaments that are beyond gorgeous, new Tim Holtz Stencils, fabulous Winged Skeletons, Charms, and more! The Ornate Cameo Frames are great for any  holiday, not just Halloween! I can't wait to play with them!

Inspiration By Diana Darden!

These super sweet Bird Cage Ornaments are by Diana Darden. Notice how wonderfully she combined her Inka Golds? Fantastic ornament inspiration Diana!

Inspiration By Luci Brito!

This project by Luci Brito is so fun! She used VerDay Paint and Patina on Paper Mache Boxes and plastic animals to create the look of aged metal. If you've not tried the VerDay, you're missing out. It's so easy to use and the results are phenomenal!

Inspiration By Anna Hedberg!

This stunning Victorian Mirror is by Anna Hedberg. I adore the sentiment inside the frame, and love the way she used our Mini Word Stencil. Anna used the Mirror with Clear Acrylic insert to create this fabulous look, however they are also available with a mirror insert! So lovely Anna!

Inspiration By Michelle Phillips!

How amazing is this Dress Form Doll by Michelle Phillips from Australia! The Steampunk Air Findings were certainly a great touch and the butterfly wings are perfect! There are so many fabulous details on this stunning piece. Thank you so much for sharing Michelle!

My Merfolk!

Last week we wrapped up our Merfolk swap, and this is the pair that decided to stay and live in the Retro Café Art Gallery studio. Merman by Deb Moon and Mermaid by 9 year old Zoe Matthews! As you can see, they are busy taking care of their Tiny Mermaid!
You can check out all of the Merfolk on Facebook or on Pinterest. So much inspiration in one place!

Studio Update!

I'm still having a blast in the new studio, and am continuing to organize and decorate. This past week I spent time emptying out the "nook", which you can see at the back of the photo above.

Initially I thought the space might hold inventory, but then I had a better idea. I realized it was he perfect size for a couch and TV. And perhaps a rug and small coffee table. I'm calling it my "nap nook" and I can't wait to use this space to relax and recharge. I'll be sitting here drinking coffee, looking at art magazines, and thinking up lots of creative ideas! I'll show you once the nap nook is complete! xo

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Fun Background Tutorial + New Goodies

New Goodies!

Happy Saturday everyone! We have some really cool new goodies in the shop. A fabulous new House Shrine Kit, a large Crab Shrine Kit (yay!), Vintage Sales Tax Tokens, more cool Molds, and more! All of the Clay and Clay Tools have their own section now too.

Fun Background Technique! 

This week we wrapped up our Merfolk Art Swap (AMAZING ART!), and I wanted to make a gift for everyone. Yep, I gave everyone crabs! LOL!
They came out so cute, and I had a few extras so you can find them in the shop. While supplies last!
The background was extra fun, and I'll share what I did below. I think this would look especially great on our new King Crab Shrine Kit! (He would also look smashing with Relique Powders!)
This technique would be great on any of our Masonite Kits and/or Chipboard Cut-Outs too.

My back is chipboard painted with black acrylic. And lots of random doodling with a White Sharpie Paint Marker.

I started by dry brushing on some acrylic paint. You can use any colors you please. I started with pink.

Then I added orange and yellow. I made sure to paint in different directions, using quick, bold strokes. I purposely let some of the chipboard show through.

Next I tore up strips of vintage book pages.

 I attached the strips with Matte Glue N Seal.

Once everything was dry, I added a bit of paint over the text trips and stamped randomly all over the piece with Sepia Archival Ink. I always like to heat set my ink, just to be sure it won't smear later.

I dry brushed some white acrylic paint over the piece and finished things off with Glamour Dust! The Glamour Dust is my favorite part. It's hard to capture in the photo (you can see a bit at the bottom), but the entire piece has a lovely shimmer. The paint in semi-transparent, so if you only put on one layer, you get the look you see above. The text picked up a bit of color, but just in a few areas which I love. You can build the paint up in layers if you want more color.

I had a few extra crabs, which you can find in the shop!

Inspiration By Gerri Herbst!

Design Team Member Gerri Herbst created this lovely frilly collage piece. She cleverly used the waste from the Small Gothic Windows and added a Medium Gothic Window on top. She also used Collage Sheet CV76, Aqua Fancy Scalloped Dresden, Stickles, Valentine Word Cut Outs, and Paper Flowers. So beautiful Gerri!

Inspiration By Tracy Delisle!

This fabulous Bird in Hand is by Tracy Delisle! The entire finish is stunning and I love the sweet Tiny Eggs she added at the bottom. So lovey Tracy!

Mold Inspiration!

We have some super fabulous new Molds and Clay in the shop, so here are a few pieces to inspire you. I know I can't wait to try the stuff myself! The doll faces are fantastic with several of our Art Doll Kits!

Linda O'Connor has been creating some fabulous faces, and she is largely the inspiration behind the new stock. The gorgeous art above and below is by Linda and you can see more on her wonderful blog.

These mermaids by Sara Vukson are another beautiful example using molded Clay faces!

Merfolk Art Swap!

The Merfolk were due this week, and all of the return boxes have been shipped. We had 27 artists participate with 80 Merfolk! WOW! And each one was so different and incredibly special. Everyone who played did an amazing job and I'm always thrilled to receive the art! AWESOME JOB everyone!
You can check them all out on Facebook or on Pinterest. You don't want to miss it!
The stunning creatures above are by Luci Brito!